Customer journey mapping is a process designed to encourage the supplying organisation to think as its customers do about what it is like to interact and do business with them, from the start to the finish of their interaction. Customer journey mapping can help the organisation to identify how it ‘treats’ its customers during each contact that takes place. It should be viewed from the standpoint of how the customer feels towards the organisation during a particular end-to-end experience? The information gained will help leaders and managers of the organisation to decide what improvements, if any, are required. There are many different approaches available for this, some very sophisticated.

Customer journey mapping in small organisations

Small organisations may need to take an informal approach to customer journey mapping. This would be likely to include sensitivity to the end to end experience of dealing with the organisation including making an initial approach, coping with any bureaucratic experience enrolling (where appropriate) or engaging with the service, and any follow up to the service received. An organisation which is aware of the customer journey will be able to demonstrate how it is working to improve the whole experience of approaching, dealing with and following on from interacting with the organisation.

The attached diagram represents a series of interactions between a customer and an organisation.

Customer journey mapping